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Bluedog Commissions Clara Fernando

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Bluedog commissioned artist Clara Fernando to create the artwork for the cover of their newest CD "Take a Stand".

Take A Stand CD Cover Art for Bluedog designed by Clara Fernando

Clara Fernando was born and raised in Gallup NM, where her father worked for the ATS&F  railroad. She comes from the tribes of the Laguna  and Zuni Pueblos. She began her career in the late 1980s, developing her talents with pottery and jewelry making. She returned to the Laguna reservation in the early 1990s where she sold at a pull off from I-40, a scenic view overlook capturing the magnificent view of the Pueblo and Mount Taylor behind it. After 30 years of painting pottery, she recently started painting on canvas. Her love for color mixed with science and mathematics combine to portray traditional art with a modern edge. She is multifaceted, producing unique pieces of beaded and wire wrap jewelry, ceramic and traditional pottery, drawings and paintings on card stock and canvas. She creates new concepts but respects the traditional upbringing of her pueblo background. She currently resides in the village of Mesita with her two young sons, Takia, 16 and Seneca , 13. As a cultural artist, she continues to volunteer in her community and work towards positive solutions for the youth. She is building on her career by developing her company called “Designs by Pie”. Pie was a childhood nickname given to her by her father. Her logo is the mathematic “Pi” sign with traditional design.

You can find her art page on Facebook under Clara Fernando.

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